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Life Insurance Basics

What Is Life Insurance?

This seems like a very simple question that can be answered with a few words. However, life insurance is not only one entity. There are several forms and types of life insurance. Life insurance also covers a variety of products. It is important for one to get an understanding of life insurance and how it will apply to different situations and people. You will be able to decide which type is right for you and your loved ones after you get a better understanding of life insurance.

Life insurance will give cash benefits to your dependents after you die. The money can be used in any way that the beneficiaries like. It is also not subject to income tax. When it is configured properly, it can provide financial protection for your loved ones long after your death. Your stage of life and situation are some of the factors that determine how much life insurance you need. The good news is that there are several policies that you can meet your future and current needs.

As you get older, your life insurance needs will progress. When you are young, your life insurance needs are small and will grow as you get older and gain more responsibilities. Your life insurance needs will diminish later on in your life.

Below you will see a description on several stages in life, and life insurance coverage suggestions.


You may feel like you either only need a little bit of life insurance or do not need it all. Even though you may not have anyone who is dependent on your income, it is a mistake to think that life insurance is not needed at this stage in your life. An illness can strike at any age that depletes your savings and leaves insufficient funds to pay for funeral expenses. This could put a financial strain on your siblings and parents. Life insurance will be less expensive if you purchase it while you are young.


You have a greater need for life insurance after you get married. You not only have to pay for the funeral and end-of-life expense, but other obligations, such as credit card debt and mortgages have to be covered.

Married with children

After you have children, another stage of your life will begin. You will need to make sure that they are taken care of financially if you are not there. Your life insurance needs increase once children come into the picture because you have to cover their education and upbringing. If your spouse wants to stay home and raise the children, then you will need to cover the extra income your spouse will require.


You have worked your whole life to get to this stage. Your mortgage has most likely been paid off and the children are grown at this stage. You are ready to enjoy life and relax. Your life insurance requirements are probably much less. However, you may want to have funds to finance education for your grandchildren and supplement your spouse’s retirement income. You are much more likely to develop an illness that depletes your savings during this stage of life. You will have peace of mind knowing that your spouse will not be left with a major debt because you have enough life insurance.

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