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Affordable life insurance to protect the ones you love.

When making life decisions, especially one as important as purchasing life insurance, pricing is typically a deciding factor. Most people don’t realize if you’re a healthy person, the cost of life insurance coverage can be remarkably affordable. And even if you’ve had some health issues, it is likely there’s a policy out there that fits your budget, and you and your loved one’s needs.

However, the life insurance landscape can be complex, and most people could use some guidance. That’s where we come in. LifeInsurancePlans.com is your key resource to finding reasonably priced life insurance for your unique situation. In fact, by comparing rates, we’re able to save consumers up to 70% on their life insurance. Depending on the size of your policy, you’re saving hundreds, or even thousands of dollars.


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help you shop and save:

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By comparing rates, we're able to save consumers
up to 70% on their life insurance.

Maryanne B., Houston TX,
Age 56, non-smoker,
$250,000 Term
Life Policy for $26/Month

. .

Catherine, Baltimore MD
Age 28, 1 Child, Homeowner
$1,000,000 Term Life Policy
Only $36/Month

. .

Kyle, Sacramento CA
Age 44, Average Health
$500,000 Term Life Policy
Only $31/Month

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We’ve partnered with several top-rated insurance providers to help consumers find the perfect combination of price and coverage. With so many different policy types, sizes, and options, combined with each individual’s unique situation, it is important to do your research and find what’s best for you and your loved ones.

With LifeInsurancePlans.com, it only takes a few minutes to compare rates, and often you can receive same-day insurance coverage. That’s right – there are certain plans where you have the choice of no medical exam or doctor’s visit. Simply answer a few health questions and you can be approved for a policy in one quick phone call. In fact, for some policy types, acceptance is guaranteed.

If you’re still in research mode, visit our Resource Center to learn more about your life insurance options.

Hundreds of companies offer life insurance
in the US. By comparing rates, odds are we
can save you money on your policy.