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Life Insurance Rates

People like getting good deals for their money regardless of what they are purchasing. With life insurance, the best way for someone to save money is by comparing rates offered by different life insurance providers. This is a little different from comparing the offers from different grocery stores, for example. For starters, numerous different factors go into calculating life insurance rates. These factors range from an individual's medical history to their present state of health as well as their age and whether they are a smoker.

Life Insurance Costs are Based on Rate Classes

When someone applies for life insurance, the insurance provider will categorize him or her according to a particular rate class. The applicant's medical history is what will determine the rate class.

A rate class is a tool insurance providers use to categorize applicants. The underwriter places applicants into different rate classes based on how long they are likely to live; in other words, the insurance provider bases the rate class on the likelihood of a payout. Many of the factors that help the underwriter to place the applicant into a particular rate class have to do with the individual's lifestyle.

The factors that place individuals into high-risk rate classes include:

  • Overweight, obese, or diabetic
  • Current smoker or smoking history
  • High blood pressure, cholesterol, or hypertension
  • Certain illnesses or diseases run in their family
  • A poor driving history

The applicant’s line of work may also place them in a high-risk rate class. If the applicant works on an oil rig or on a fishing boat, the underwriter will have to take this into account when determining their rate class. If an applicant has a healthy lifestyle and a job that is relatively risk-free, they will probably be classified as a lower risk and thus will pay a lower rate for their life insurance.

The individual who is shopping for life insurance has two options: one is to apply for a life insurance policy that does not require them to take a medical exam. The other option is to get a policy that requires them to have several medical tests performed, including blood testing, urine testing, electrocardiogram, and X-ray. The company will place the applicant into a rate class based on the results of these tests.

How Applicants Can Get Lower Life Insurance rates

It is possible for an individual to get lower rates by making a few simple lifestyle changes. These changes include shedding some weight and not smoking anymore; they should also eat a healthier diet and get more exercise. Making these changes can bring their blood pressure and cholesterol down to healthy levels. By taking these steps, it is possible to move to a better rate class and bring life insurance rates down significantly.

Another way an individual can get lower rates is by spending some time researching life insurance rates online. If you're ready to compare rates, fill out our simple online form now for free quotes from trusted life insurance companies.

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