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Welcome to We value our customer’s privacy and see our clients as our most important resource.

We maintain an information confidentiality policy and restrict access to any information you provide to us to being used for the sole purpose of offering you information on life insurance policies and the best rates that apply to you based on the data provided. All collected data is restricted to the uses detailed in this privacy policy and your information is not sold, leased, or otherwise provided to outside sources for any financial, business or personal gain. All data handling is compliant with applicable regulatory statutes and will be maintained to protect your nonpublic personal information.

Personal information is also used during the life insurance policy application process should you decide to do so. All electronic data transfer for this purpose is handled over SSL encrypted servers and done with other high security technologies and procedures to make sure data packets are encapsulated and securely transferred.

Specific Data Collection Procedures collects data voluntarily, and all personal information such as name, age, phone number and address information is used for identification purposes. Email address information is handled in accordance with CANSPAM legislation. If any information requested is not available for entry or there is a wish to withhold it, makes no attempt to require this information.

How Your Collected Data Will Be Used

Any Data voluntarily entered into forms on our website or communicated over other channels will only be used as laid out in this policy. Data transfer for any reason to outside entities will only be allowed under the following circumstances:

Data Collection Access Specifications

We take every measure possible to ensure the security of information provided. All collected data is only accessible by internal personnel, contracting partners, associated businesses and their employees and marketing partners.Affiliates and sales representatives who offer our products and services will have access to general database information including the data you provide. All data, whether collected or transferred off-line or on-line are handled with the same stringent guidelines and electronic safeguards and under protection of local,state, national, and International law.

Digital Linking and Website Networking Policy

Accommodation and convenience are at the forefront of the business procedure mantra. We may make available to our visitors links to outside party websites that we feel would be beneficial and informational. We do not set policy or have any functional control over these websites or imply endorsement of their content, products, or services they provide. The policies in place on are not applicable to these links or the information that they connect to, and you are advised to read the applicable policies on the sites in question before interacting with those entities.

Cookie And Other Digital Tracking Technology Use may use cookies to improve the website visitor experience and to customize information for our user interface display and to personalize search results. Cookies are non-invasive digital tracking tools that record and integrate customer behavior and selection to provide a unique website experience and is deleted from your browser at any time you wish by following your browser settings instructions.

Deleting cookies may have a negative impact on the user experience when visiting Log in information, autosuggest features when filling out forms or searching for information stored in cookies and will no longer be available with the removal of placed cookies. No personally identifying information is collected via cookies and we do not track any activity outside of

Privacy Policy Updates

This privacy policy is a guideline of the privacy measures in place at this time, and may change without notice. This document is not contractual in nature and creates no additional legal rights that did not exist before this document. If there are any questions about any website content, or any of the policies or terms of use employed by, please contact us via the form available on our ContactUs page.